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2020 has left us many changes, one of the most significant is that of consumer behavior in all commercial areas. Electronic commerce has had significant growth and Digital Marketing has risen substantially; this transformation of consumer habits is also reflected in the trends that are gaining momentum in the industry, such as the innovative experiences of publishers, the challenges of a demanding advertising market and changes in the regulation of user privacy.


Some of the most significant trends for this 2021:

  • Artificial intelligence and augmented reality in ecommerce: Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are going to combine to form part of the trends that you’ll have in marketing in 2021. Thanks to them it will be possible to customize the online shopping process of the users. In this way, you can guarantee a good user experience and manage to transform deliveries.
  • Balance between Privacy and Monetization: Connecting with consumers in a profitable and respectful way is a real challenge, since it must guarantee compliance with user preferences and legislative requirements regarding privacy, in addition to adapting to changes from browsers. The new regulations complicate what we understand by “free internet” and it will be difficult to continue offering it to consumers if publishers and advertisers cannot continue to monetize their activity as they have done now. In the new world after cookies, having access to data first-partywill be crucial and those that have their own cross-channel data, will be those that can provide advertisers with solutions capable of identifying consumers, segmenting and measuring results.
  • The transformation towards an Omnichannel environment: the acquisition of inventory programmatically in DOOH, native formats, dynamic ads, audio ads, Tv Connected, are some of the formats that could begin to be seen more this year.


  • Programmatic advertising will continue to be a trend in 2021: During 2021, programmatic advertising will extend its use by most platforms. Companies are increasingly using this technology to make real-time decisions regarding the ad they want to deliver to customers. (DOOH, AudioAds, Connected Tv)

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