Leading expert on Latin America

We are an independent company dedicated to media audit and consulting, experts in making profitable the investment for advertisers in Latin America. We develop new innovative ways to generate profits on our clients’ investments.

Know where you are to know where you want to go.


Global vision, local experience

The knowledge of the region makes us the ideal partner within regional and global departments to understand the markets.


Our values

Confidentiality, impartiality and full independence. We are committed to the excellence of our services.



The return on investment as a result of contracting our services


The benefits of working with us

  • To maximize the ROI in the media investment.
  • To obtain the best possible rates, since having a pool of rates available allows us to place each client by comparing them to the rest, which gives them a tool to negotiate.
  • Remunerate the agencies in the clearest and most transparent way.
  • Increase the efficiency of media planning.
  • By comparing the actions of your agency against those of the other agencies in the market you can draw real and reachable goals.
  • To make good use of the best Media practices in the market , getting to know how it works and how other advertisers act, and thus best practices are defined for each of the advertisers in the pool.
  • To be as competitive as possible considering the market average.