Open TV negotiation report

It is a document that gathers key information for the decision making regarding negotiations with TV station and TV channels.y6

This report allows the client to:

  • Set negotiation and buying objectives.
  • Get real data improvement over previous years.
  • Calculate the real savings achieved in its negotiations with TV stations.

Key Media Performance Indicators

Offers our customers a complete Benchmark designed to support the optimization of the efficiency and effectiveness of media planning in order to maximize the improvement and at the same time getting the highest volume of potential savings.

  • Effective WRPs
  • TRPs vs GRPs
  • Position in the break
  • Rating per Spot
  • Prime Time
  • Negotiation Savings
  • Planning Savings

Multimedia Dashboard

It has the goal of getting the advertiser´s return of investment in its negotiation and media buying by showing the client its position in Media Cost vs. Markets average. This is possible starting from a real cost Benchmark which includes the entire pool of Media Auditors´ clients.

 Digital Dashboard

Measuring the impact of digital advertising is currently possible, but measuring the savings obtained and the different improvement opportunities of investment in this media is difficult due to the different way of buying and negotiating in the Digital world and the lack of references at Marketplace.

Through this service, advertisers will have the opportunity to be measured against the market, ie assess whether their purchases on the Web are efficient, and quantify the results to a monetary level.



Media Agency remuneration model.

Aims to review and evaluate the current Client- media agency contract model and make appropriate recommendations for the construction of a new contract.

This work process is focus on three aspects:

  • Market analysis in terms of remuneration system´s trends between the advertiser and the media agency.
  • Analysis of the current contractual conditions between the client and the media agency.
  • New retribution system proposal.

Media Agency evaluation model

The main purpose of this service is to keep constant control over the account management within the media agency. In cases where the compensation system is based on a fixed fee and a variable, a calculation of the variable should be done at the end of the contract period.

The goal is to create a relationship based on the pursuit of excellence in the service provided by the media agency and seek continuous improvement.

Media Management Model

To establish a Media Management Model to an advertiser implies:

  • To position the client as a leader in the relationship between client and the agency.
  • To make more efficient the work of the agency generating improvements and savings to the client by clearly establishing the ground rules.
  • It is an objective thermometer of the service quality and agency´s performance.

Pitch management

When an advertiser decides to hold a pitch is due to two reasons:

  • Looking for an improvement of the economic and/or service relationship that has with its current media agency.
  • The relationship of trust and service with their current media agency is deteriorated and cannot be redirected.

Media Auditors offers its clients through this service, a comprehensive advice on all aspects of the Pitch: processes, timing, market insights and in general, an efficient management and organization of everything related to this process.


Contract Audit

Media Auditors examines precisely and rigorously the existing service contract between the client and media agency and checks each of the points to be addressed in the contract:

The audit is performed on two premises:

  • The reality of each of the variables against what contemplates the contract.
  • The reality of the contract against the average market in terms of remuneration, salaries by positions, remuneration ways, job profiles, assigned teams, time commitment, AVBs.

Productivity Audit

This is to audit the compliance of the media agency versus contractual commitment assumed with the client. The deviation from committed against the reality is quantifiable at a positive level turning into savings generated by the media agency or otherwise negative if is an economic breach that the agency must pay the customer.

Financial Audit

Media Auditors randomly selects a representative sample of invoices from the client campaigns’ pool and checks and verifies that they are following the correct process.

  • On the negotiations with the media
  • On invoicing formats
  • On provider invoices
  • On client invoices
  • On approved media plan

The objective of the Financial Audit is to ensure the amount that the agency charges the advertiser is the correct amount considering:

  • What the client has approved
  • What providers actually delivered
  • What was invoiced by the provider

Campaign Audit

Media Auditors performs the media Campaign Audit through a systematic process of each of the variables (both quantitative and qualitative) with the values presented in the media plan versus actual data.

Negotiations and bonuses Audit

Negotiation between Client / Agency and the media (especially TV) is increasingly leaning towards improving conditions, not through a direct cost or discount, but on the application of bonuses and added values obtained.

According to results obtained by Media Auditors, about 60% of bonuses or added values are not used by the agency which obviously leads to an increase in real rates.
Through this Service, Media Auditors audits the proper use of these bonuses, identifying the differences between the agreed and the real, and monetarily quantifying what this difference represents.

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