Media Auditors processes all its information in Madrid; the employees hired to handle this information are in Spain so staff rotations do not risk the confidentiality of the information in each country.

The pool‘s information belongs to Media Auditors and is not sold or shared to advertisers that are not part of it.

Confidentuality of the members of the pool

  • A priori, Media Auditors does not believe that there is any advantage or opportunity for the advertiser if it decides to publicly declare its pool membership.

Confidentiality in the analysis and production of documents

  • The system establishes the benchmark automatically.
  • The database works with “identification codes” and with “negotiation conditions”.
  • The system establishes the link between the “name of the Advertiser” and the “identification code”.
  • And finally, the system shows the benchmark in zero-based percentages, establishing positive or negative indicators depending on the conditions of the client.

Confidentiality handling the conditions of the negotiations

Media Auditors has a computer system that works with a double black box:

  • On one hand the system identifies each Advertiser with a password that only the Advertiser knows.
  • On the other, each password is identified with its own negotiation conditions.
  • It is not possible, under any circumstances, to identify an Advertiser by negotiation conditions.
  • The introduction of data to the system is performed by the Advertiser in their offices through internet together with the Media Auditors representative.

Confidentiality in the presentation of results

  • The data are indexes, not absolute values.
  • We deliver an electronic copy in pdf so that there will be no possibility of content manipulation.
  • We deliver a paper copy.
  • The delivery of documents is personalized to whoever is authorized by the Advertiser to receive the documentation.